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With "P2P Search", your favorite search engines become even more powerful, providing you with efficient access to TV channels, live sports broadcasts, movies, series, music, and more, all published in decentralized P2P networks. Dive into the world of content with BitTorrent and Ace Stream protocols like never before.

Install the "P2P Search" script and unlock new possibilities!


Version: 0.35+0614f40

Summary: Search video content


License: MIT

The user script "P2P Search" adds additional sections to search engine pages for finding content published on peer-to-peer networks. In addition, this user script searches for content identifiers (Content ID) on web pages and activates hyperlinks for one-click content playback.


After installing the script, new tabs will appear on search engine pages:

P2P TV (released); P2P Movie (under development); P2P Series (under development); P2P Music (under development).

Video instruction


Note: This script contains the promotional materials, placement of which is carried out when you visit different sites on this topic. If desired, you can edit the script, removing the possibility of placing advertising materials. At the same time, do not forget that advertising allows for the support and development of the functionality of the script, so we would be grateful if you treat with understanding and do not disable the advertising.